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The GEN Z Workforce

Onboard, Coach & Equip GEN Z to Succeed!

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Generation Z will build your brands and be responsible for company reputations, growth, even legacies.  As leaders, it’s your responsibility
to maximize their talent, contribution and community.

Ongoing turnover and talent retention issues continue to undermine workplace productivity and stability. 


Up to fill the void is Generation Z.  They will soon comprise ~30% of the workforce. 


These rising leaders include late Millennials as well: brilliant and uber-connected, yet unpredictable and disconnected.  They stay about two years; 70% are changing this year.


Do your training and talent development programs acclimate GEN Z effectively so they succeed and stay?

With Personal Brand-based leadership, David helps evolve onboarding, development and continuous learning for a new multi-generational workplace dynamic. 


Employees acclimate faster and perform better, in sync with company mission and values.


David offers new solutions to old norms on professional development, based on deep experience with GEN Z and Millennials as a personal branding expert, educator and corporate trainer.  His keynotes, workshops and training programs are designed to:

  • Accelerate workplace success skills, connection and commitment, thereby reducing cycles of turnover.

  • Enable personal growth with personal branding, improving self-awareness, socialization and decision-making.

  • Evolve the training and development culture into one that provides human-centric continuous learning.

  • Foster a company-employee brand culture that promotes cohesion, productivity and stability.

Meet David

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Keynote Speaker & Talent Developer

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My purpose: to help others discover their value, vision and dreams to achieve their potential, and live life with clarity and confidence.

Over the last decade, I've had the pleasure to work with +1,000 students, student-athletes, entrepreneurs and professionals from 15 countries. We develop their personal brands and workplace success skills, enhance networking presence and relationship skills, and give them tools to adapt faster and succeed easier.


In 2016, Temple University gave me the platform to launch the country’s first college course on Personal Branding, which led to co-authoring “MY BRAND. MY FUTURE: How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand for Lifelong Success.” 

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Throughout my career experiences in strategic marketing and public relations, I focused on brand building and storytelling, working with global companies including Comcast, Intel Corporation, Philips Electronics, PNC Bank, and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications -- and then as an agency owner helping B2B companies grow and expand.

Brand Builder & Confidence Creator 

Mockup of the cover of the ebook titled "My Brand.  My Future. How To Create A Powerful Personal Brand For Lifelong Success" by Karl D. Speak and David Thompson on a tablet.  A description of the book is on the screen of a mobile phone.

I  experienced firsthand as a Temple Adjunct Professor the enormous toll the pandemic had on the psyche and outlook of Millennials and Generation Z. 


That inspired me to double down on my commitment to coach, mentor and motivate our rising leaders to think differently about themselves.  To help them overcome doubt, fear and lack of direction.  To help them define a purpose, find a Why and move forward with clarity and confidence.

This generation is ready!  They WANT to give their all to organizations.  They NEED a modernized training and development culture that is personal growth and values-based.  One that creates true connection and cohesion. One that aligns organization and employees with shared values and mission. 

My Personal Brand-based empowerment philosophy facilitates company-employee synchronicity of values and vision.

David is co-author of E-Book "My Brand. My Future" designed for young professionals and students.

Signature Speeches & Workshops

Talk Topics

The Special Care & Feeding of GEN Z - How to Train, Motivate & Retain 

Progression of a young man from untrained to a professional.

From retired Boomers to new Zoomers, the workforce is evolving rapidly with the entry of a brilliant, supremely connected generation that will re-set work culture.  There's a Yin-Yang to GEN Z - they are also disconnected, lacking preparation, interpersonal skills, and direction.

Help equip them for success, and set the table for your future!  Onboard and develop dependable employees and young leaders better.  But know this: GEN Z’ers are fully willing to job hop until they find organizations that embrace values, causes, and support personal growth.  


Invest in personal growth that propels professional development.

Evolving onboarding, training and development for Zoomers doesn’t have to be costly or complicated – it simply shifts the focus and adjusts priorities based on data and knowledge we already have on Generation Z.  


When you re-imagine and upskill GEN Z'ers based on their needs and goals - connected with your mission and values - you create an alignment and culture of collaboration, focus, enthusiasm.

Who is GEN Z
What makes Zoomers tick? Find out. David shares industry data, behavioral and attitudinal studies on skills they lack, goals, and opportunities they want.  Plus, factors that prompt them to leave. 

What Motivates GEN Z
Learn what is most meaningful to GEN Z in an employee-employer marriage. Understand the top characteristics, benefits and experiences offered by leading companies that GEN Z admire.

How to Train & Retain GEN Z
Get blueprints for creating alignment between company and employees, from onboarding through ongoing engagement, to create a culture that becomes a recruiting magnet, business differentiator and retention solution.

4Cs of Business Differentiation: Communications, Coaching, Collaboration, Culture

What is the price of true business differentiation?  Priceless.  


Building a winning and sustainable business is a top-down commitment to workplace synchronicity between the company mission and employees’ values that spark alignment, enthusiasm, and predictive success.

Whether it’s a remote or hybrid experience, business differentiation is built on four pillars: frequent and thoughtful Communications; quality, consistent Coaching; dedication to Collaboration; and engagement in a human-first Culture that stakeholders see and feel. 


Companies win by differentiating ... or lose with indifference.


Treating employees well is a key factor that consumers cite in brands they trust.  Treating employees well breeds a winning culture is exemplified by a workforce that is inspired and happy, responsive. 


Understand how to transform an organization of paycheck collectors into a community of connected culture warriors and brand advocates. It connects with customers to inspire loyalty and trust.

Top Takeaways: The Brand Differentiation Pillars

  • Learn the hallmarks and five core practices of winning workplace communications.

  • Create a coaching and mentoring process that appeals to GEN Z and Millennials and optimizes their performance.

  • Embrace what other leaders are doing in human-centered cultures that foster collaboration and employee engagement.  

  • Elevate the culture of talent development so people reach their potential and pursue passions -- for performance and growth. 

Diverse hands coming together and on top of each other in the middle

The Experience of YOU - How to Create an Unforgettable Personal Brand

closeup of a  typewriter with the words "who are you?" typed

Personal Branding matters in a world of snap judgements, where first impressions are created in 10 seconds.  As leaders and business owners, what perceptions do you want clients, partners and prospects to have of your people? 


It's most often based on the personal brands of your leaders and employees.  How well do they represent your company? How do they show up, and what do they stand for?  Do they create an Experience for others that is memorable or forgettable?


A Personal Brand lives 24/7/365.  Do you want yours or that of your employees to be strong or weak?


There are too many misconceptions about Personal Branding. Learn what it truly represents, and how to create a strong personal brand that makes a difference.

In eye-opening, interactive and actionable sessions of self-discovery, David guides people to build a genuine and unforgettable Experience of YOU that resonates and builds lasting relationships.

Top Takeaways include:


  • Self-discovery exercises and assessments on core values and perceptions  that will guide provide clarity and confidence

  • Understand the 4 dimensions of how your Personal Brand is perceived, and how to present you best self in every situation.

  • Learn how to create relationships and network everywhere with confidence and an unforgettable Experience of YOU.

  • Get the strategies to share your powerful personal brand 24/7 across social media platforms. 

Clients and Testimonials

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“David is an amazing facilitator of positive change. His instinct, vision and approach got me to my goal (and beyond!) faster and better than I had ever imagined.” 

Chief of Staff

"David has a truly remarkable ability to connect with the audience on a personal level and a true passion for helping others tap into their own unique abilities.”

HR Consultant

I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mr. Thompson during a pivotal time in my career. Each conversation was like a breath of fresh air because of his energy and interest in my success.” 

Content Architect

“His speech helped us construct a series of tools and skills we can use to find success both in the business world and in our personal lives.” 

Environmental Engineer

“I learned more in 90 minutes with David Thompson on creating my personal brand and how to succeed in my career than I did in 4 years of college.” 

Creative Director

“What I learned in one event with David Thompson will shape the rest of my career and life.”


“David’s insights on Personal Branding was so impactful and taught me so much about myself, and led to great job opportunities.”

Passionate Marketer

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